WERE HERE!! Hello Vancouver!

Were here! After 16 hours in airports and planes the relief of arriving in Vancouver was immense. Not only that but right here and right now our new dream can begin. As we look to the future we have no idea where we head. Will we get the jobs we want working on the mountain, will we find accommodation, and will we like it here?

Oh autumn how we missed you!!

Canada is a great place, coming from Asia the first thing we were struck with is how friendly everyone is! From the supermarket to the bus conductor, here they actually care. Or at least they pretend! We had to re-learn how to walk in somewhere and have a conversation before getting down to the reason you are in the store. It’s not something you usually forget but we did, after months and months of perfecting hand gestures and lack of eye contact we no need to learn to speak to people again! The contrast between here and Vietnam where we just came from blew us away! Reverse culture shock = so used to Asia that a western country feels so nice, organised, expensive and clean!


Vancouver is awesome, we arrived right in time for autumn and just seeing orange and yellow trees again put a smile on my face. 9 months of summer, an unlikely reality for most people, gave us the appreciation and anticipation of seasons. We were really lucky with weather in Vancouver where apparently it rains often. Bright clear and cool spring days greeted us and we caught the ferry from downtown across to Granville Island. The markets here are great, such a contrast to the loud, messy, dirty chaotic wet markets throughout Asia. Now we are faced with fresh bread, pastry’s, cheese stands, cake shops, delis, fresh berries and a multitude of things we cannot yet afford. (But had lots of fun drooling over)

Thanksgiving weekend pumpkins like no other we've ever seen!
Thanksgiving weekend pumpkins like no other we’ve ever seen!

Time in Vancouver was limited but we can’t wait to go back and spend a little more time there after winter. We caught an overnight bus (hoped we were done with these, Asia was better) to Calgary. We had organized to meet with a friend we met in NZ, Julianna and while she was at university during the day her mum and Granny came to the bus stop and picked us up, bless them. Our first real introduction to Canadian hospitality, they really are lovely people. Going out of their way to make us feel welcome and accepted in this new home country. Now affectionately called ‘Canada Mum’, we look forward to seeing them again soon.


Only 1 day in Calgary and we head to Banff. Situated in the Canadian Rockies and a National Park Area, this is where we hope to find work and settle ourselves for the next while. We have job interviews on the 9th of Oct and hope to get jobs with Sunshine Village with the chance to live and work on a mountain. Fingers crossed!


In the meantime we are enjoying cooler climates and learning the art of layers. It’s still Autumn (or fall) but temperatures are getting down to 0 degrees at night. Banff has a huge range of walking tracks around the town and we are making the most of being able to wander without dying of heat and humidity. It really makes a difference exercising in cooler weather, so so much nicer!  All these things that we never thought would be a ‘wow’ factor have become one, it’s really great coming to Canada from Asia instead of straight from NZ because we really do appreciate the little things. Real cheese, brown bread, traffic lights, no scooters, bacon…. the important things in life obviously!



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